At Booosst EDS, we take pride in our team of licensed electricians who hold Level 2 certification within the State of NSW. This certification signifies that we are qualified to provide electrical services that go beyond basic requirements.

Our Level 2 electricians possess the expertise to handle various tasks, including metering, overhead and underground services, and the electrical connections between the street infrastructure and your commercial environments.

By choosing Booosst EDS, you can trust that our qualified Level 2 electricians have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional electrical services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's addressing everyday requirements or handling more complex electrical projects, our team is equipped to handle the job efficiently and professionally. We prioritise safety, reliability, and quality in every aspect of our service, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of electrical solutions for your business.

Booosst EDS takes pride in our team of Level 2 electricians who excel in delivering a wide range of operations. Our Level 2 electricians are equipped to handle the following tasks with precision and expertise:

  • Electrical Services
  • Installation and configuration of meters
  • Detachment and reconnection services
  • Electrical supply installations (underground or overhead)
  • Power output enhancements
  • Installation and upgrade of overheads and underground service cables
  • Sale, installation, and replacement of private power poles
  • Switchboard upgrade, relocation, and alteration
  • Electricity metering and segregation for dwellings
  • Earthing installation and testing
  • Supply and installation of Tiger Tail
  • Repair of service fuse
  • Electricity audits
  • Repairs of the point of attachment bracket
  • Rewiring of consumer mains
  • Alterations and rectification of electricity defects
  • Electrical repair in compliance with Electrical Defect Notice
  • Connection, disconnection, and reconnection of electricity supply
  • Upgrades of electricity supply
  • Installation of meter protection device
  • Installation of underground pillars
  • Installation and repair of Rafter and Fascia bracket
  • Detection, repair, and replacement of UV Damaged cabling
  • Storm damage repair

It's important to note that Level 2 electricians are entrusted with more hazardous duties compared to regular electricians. With their advanced experience, they are required to adhere to strict laws and regulations to ensure safety and compliance. At Booosst EDS, we understand the importance of continuous supervision to maintain the highest safety standards during their work.

We are proud to offer both standard and cost-effective Level 2 electrician services. Rest assured; we will always pair you with highly qualified licensed electricians who are dedicated to fulfilling all your electrical requirements. With Booosst EDS, you can expect high quality service delivery from our skilled professionals.


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